Rental Conditions

Terms and conditions

The Lessee should have a valid driver license and valid ID card or passport.

A minimal age of the Lessee is 21 years.

A refundable deposit is 200, - Eur or 400, - Eur depending on a car model .

The pricing of the rent is valid for 24 hours, from the moment the Lessee receives the car until it is arrived back.

The allowed over-limit time is 60 minutes (the Client should inform us of being late). In case of late return of the Vehicle more then 1 hour, the Lessee shall pay a penalty in the amount of one day rental cost.

Smoking inside the rented Vehicle is strictly prohibited on the penalty of 100, - Eur.

In case the Lessee return the Vehicle dirty, there are charges under the Agreement:

Slightly contamination of the interior and exterior (crumbs, or other impurities removed with a vacuum cleaner) 10, - Eur.

Heavy contamination of the interior and exterior – 80, - Eur.

The Lessee will receive a car with a full tank and have to be returned with full tank. If the Vehicle is returned with less fuel than stated in the Agreement, the Lessee shall compensate the Lessor for the cost of the lacking fuel at the rate of 1.5, - Eur per liter.

All our cars are under the statutory insurance, which covers the functional damage (so-called third-party insurance), thus in the Czech Republic or in the other European states.

All our Vehicles are under the accident insurance within the EU, that covers damage or theft (of car or its particles), with the participations of the user. The Lessee is responsible for damage up to indemnity revenue minus total costs for the repairs. The participation of the Lessee in case of theft or accident, caused by Lessee, is up to 5% ( or 10%) of the total damage, thus 200,- Eur (or 400, - Eur) as minimum. The insurance does not include luggage and persons.

The payment is to be made while receiving the car, along with the garantee deposit, that is to be refunded when returning the car.