Special Offers

Promotions and discounts for our customers

Did you find the same car cheaper at another car rental? We will offer you the car for an even better price.

Contact us with a competitor's offer if it has the same or similar car cheaper or has more favorable rental terms and we will send you an offer at even lower price (or call the price and offer an interesting bonus)

Discount 15% if the mileage is less then 200 km per day

We give you 15% discount for the car rental if the milage is not more then 200 km per day. Kilometers are spent for the entire rental period.

Valid only for vehicle rentals from 1 to 10 days.

DISCOUNT 16% for car hire for 11 days or more

If you do not drive more than 2000 km for the entire rental period we give you 16% discount from basic prices on our web.

Valid only for vehicle rentals from 10 days or more

Transfer from Prague Airport to your hotel for 18 euros

Transfer from Prague Airport to the hotel for only 18 euros for rental car customers.

Discount 7% from second rental

We have loyal program for our customers who have already rented car from us. From the second rental you have 7% discount from basic prices to car rentals.

Discounts do not add up, so choose the one that is the best for you.